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Promessa Casa Valerio

House Sponsorship

In 2020 we set up The House Project, which allows supporters to sponsor one of the three houses at All Nations Orphanage, for a donation of £20 per month. All sponsorship funds will go towards supporting the care and education of the children in the house, as well as providing much needed funds for house upkeep and maintenance.


If you would like to sponsor any of these houses, please email us at [email protected].


House sponsors will receive an information pack, certificate of sponsorship and updates on their chosen house and its mini residents!


Information on the three houses available for sponsorship can be found below.

Casa Gemma

Casa Valerio

Casa Promessa

Casa Gemma houses fourteen orphaned and abandoned babies, children and teenagers, who live together as a family. They have eight dedicated staff who care for them at the house.


Project Moz helped support the build of the Casa Gemma house to provide a permenant home for the children, who were previously in rented accomodation. More information about the build project can be found HERE. 


To sponsor Casa Gemma, please email us at [email protected] 

Casa Valerio 2

Casa Promessa (or 'The Promise Centre') is dedicated to the housing and care of around 20 orphaned teenagers in Matola, Mozambique.


We are seeking sponsors to  support the vital work of the 11 staff members who provide food, education and care to the teenagers and children who live here. Funds will also contribute to the ongoing maintenance costs of the house.  


To sponsor Casa Promessa, please email us at [email protected] 

Casa Valerio is the newest of the three houses, and has been purpose built specifically to provide care for orphaned and abandoned babies, with a view to caring for these babies whilst Social Welfare seek foster care arrangements, or during the process leading to an adoption into a new family.



The babies at Casa Valerio require a high level of care that is provided by a dedicated team of eight. To ensure their vital work continues we are urgently seeking sponsors to support the running of the orphanage.  



To sponsor Casa Valerio, please email us at [email protected]