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In previous years, All Nations experienced an increase in mothers approaching them for food parcels to feed their children. Project Moz are keen to support donations of food parcels to families, as often the reason babies and children are abandoned is due simply to the inability to provide for their basic needs. By supporting parents who have very little with the provision of food parcels we  were able to help provide a solution to those who may have otherwise felt incapable of continuing to care for their own children.


Community Project

What we've done...

Project Moz has supported families within the communities of the surrounding areas of Matola, Mozambique.  They do this by providing sponsorship to pay for food parcels and mosquito nets to be delivered to members of communities when needed.  

Food parcels

mosquito net

Malaria is the second leading cause of death from infectious diseases in Africa, after HIV/AIDS, with children aged 0 to 5 being at greatest risk (WHO, 2011). The use of an insecticide-treated mosquito net will give overnight protection to those sleeping under them. UNICEF estimate that the use of these nets reduce overall child mortality  by 20 percent.


Money given to this project was used to purchase mosquito nets that were handed out to families within the community of matola, and surrounding areas.


Project Moz is a registered charity No. 1135209.  Registered address: PO Box 471, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN2 9QE


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Mosquito nets

What happened next...

Whilst we no longer run these as individual projects now, these are incorporated in funds sent to All Nations (for the food parcels) and Masana (for the mosquito nets) when we receive donations towards either of these causes. It is possible to buy a 'virtual gift' gift card from the 'Gift Cards' tab, should you wish to support this project.  


The Life Straws continue to be given to families in need and may form part of the Masana reintegration package given to boys returning home from a life on the streets. We will continue to support with the purchase of further Life Straws as and when required.  

In 2019 we took on the task of fundraising for 'LifeStraws' in order to be able to provide equipment to help individuals be able to access clean water. These straws take out almost all impurities from water that would otherwise be unfit for human consumption (see for more information). We were able to send out 60 units of these, as well as a community water filter to support the Masana house.


Life Straws