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'Casa Gemma' House

Casa Gemma

This project was created in loving memory of Gemma Wilkes, a Project Moz supporter and friend of the Trustees. She is a greatly missed daughter, sister and friend.

Beautiful Gem

The funds from this project have been used to build a house where approximately 15 of the children from All Nations are now able to live in a permanent family home, offering them a secure base to spend their childhood and return to as adults.


Over a period of five years, through the generosity of supporters, Project Moz has been able to raise over £25,000 towards the Casa Gemma build. The house was completed in December 2015 and the mini residents moved in shortly after!

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'Pedro's Story' tells the true story of Pedro and Marta's journey from a childhood of neglect to a safe home and a more hopeful future at All Nations orphanage. The new house has provided a permenant home for Pedro, Marta and their friends to grow up in and a base to return to in adulthood.  

Pedro's Story

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Casa Gemma continues to provide a safe home for the children, who have settled into the space and their new community. Casa Gemma is available to sponsor through the House Project, which can be found via our 'Projects' page.


Sponsorship funds will be used towards the care of the children who live here, upkeep of the house and grounds, as well as the development of community projects that will serve the local people.

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